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My name is Nelson Cardona

I'm excited to share my journey in the interactive media industry, where my experience in education, graphic design, and leading creative projects intertwines seamlessly. As a dedicated educator with a passion for creating engaging user experiences, I've had the privilege of leading various projects with students, resulting in the publication of a school magazine, storybooks, and impactful branding initiatives while also leveraging my expertise in interactive media.

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Throughout my 12 years of experience in the education field, I not only nurtured students' academic and social skills but also led projects that brought their creativity to life. One notable accomplishment was overseeing the production of a school magazine, where I guided students in content creation, design, and production. This experience honed my project management skills and fostered a keen eye for visually captivating layouts, which seamlessly transitioned into my work in interactive media.

In addition to the school magazine, I led projects involving the creation of storybooks. Collaborating closely with students, we crafted immersive narratives that seamlessly blended captivating visuals,  and engaging storytelling techniques. These projects further solidified my passion for creating intuitive user experiences.

UX Design Centennial College Senior Project

QL plans

By blending my educational expertise, graphic design skills, and interactive media knowledge, I bring a holistic approach to the field. My specialized skills include strategy, user experience (UX), user interface (UI) design, wireframing, prototyping, and user testing. These proficiencies enable me to create seamless, captivating, and interactive digital experiences that engage and educate users while staying true to the brand's identity and objectives.

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