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Centennial College
Fat Bastard Burrito

The objective is to provide recommendations for optimal user interface and experience for a redesigned site (to be built on WordPress) with the priority being the mobile experience then desktop.


Sama Abdlerahman
Nelson Cardona

Melissa Dixon

Melissa Dumancic

Mila Ravindiran

Problem Definition


The current website lacks an intuitive and appealing user experience that adequately caters to the needs of users. Users are seeking an improved and simplified menu and ingredient selection process, location selection, and overall ordering experience on the website. The content and visuals, particularly within the menu section, are not easily navigable or comprehensible for users. Furthermore, given that the majority of visitors access the site through mobile devices, the website's mobile optimization is insufficient.​

Content Strategy & Recommendations

1. Match the voice of the customer 

Communicate with content that focuses on the user narrative and experience theme. Highlight the value proposition and benefits to users throughout the website content. (User Narrative recommendations are below) 

2. Give readers freedom and control 
Give them the ability to make choices and order quickly with easy to navigate headlines, text hierarchy, menu display, easy customization process, more information about ingredients.

3. Provide more information

Users will want more information about the company’s products, categories, value proposition, ingredients, special offers or recommendations etc.

4. Use a clear content structure
Use a specific structure to display sections of content throughout the website so that users can recognize the structure and scan to find what they are looking for easily

5. Include interactive Content
Include Interactive videos and graphics to enhance the user’s understanding and make decisions more easily. Use images to relate back to the text, help to further explain, enhance the text, illustrate key concepts, or animate a process.

6. Aesthetic and minimalist design

Display paragraphs with a white background. Include large and bolded headline text. Unclutter the design with more whitespace between sections of content.

Design Process

current state analysis.png

Research & Analysis

To better understand the competitive market and make decisions that can differentiate Fat Bastard Burrito from other leading franchises, a current state analysis, a content audit,  a competitive analysis and SWOT analysis were conducted. From these analyses, the following conclusions were drawn:

Current state analysis summary

  • Information can be easily missed if provided in text

  • Lack of interactivity

  • Black background looks invasive

  • Social media icons need more outstanding colors

  • Different use of logo

  • Company colors

  • The menu should be displayed interactively

  • The icons of the partners should be linked to their sites

  • More color and design layout are suggested


Content Audit Key findings

1.Does not match the voice of the customer 

The content is brand centric; the tone is formal and does not match the playful and casual tone of customers in stores or on social media.

2. Unclear content structure 

Information does not appear in a logical and fluid order and menu information is hard to navigate.

3. Not enough information

A user visiting this section of the site will want more information about the brand culture, values, points of differentiation, food, ingredients, and people.

4. Menu display affects cognitive load
Menu displayed all at once increases cognitive load and makes it difficult to process the content and make choices.

5. Information in not interactive

Food descriptions and communications are mostly in text; including multimedia content like videos, larger images, and graphics will increase interactivity and engagement with content.​

6. Content is not presented in an aesthetically effective and minimalist design
It is not easy to process menu items and product information. The layout does not have a clear hierarchy that highlights the most important parts of the menu and facilitates easy decision making.

Audience Analysis


UX Theme

Enjoyment and Fullness

FBB customers share their enjoyment and pride about eating a large, filling burrito loaded with fresh ingredients. 


They feel a sense of pleasure and satisfaction about their experience of eating something filling and healthy. They like the feeling of fullness after they’ve had their meal.


They also share their ritual of going often to get a burrito at a location near them – it’s a comforting experience that’s part of their weekly routine.

Similarly, while they’re on the website, their user experience will elicit the sense of enjoyment of food, the desire for large portions and the feeling of fullness and satisfaction.


The website will do this through large images, videos of the food and ingredients, and interactive elements that remind them of their desire and sense of enjoyment.

New Features Wireframes


New Feature Prototype

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