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EdsDoo Education

EdsDoo is a website and app interactive digital tool for teachers to create resources on a single source to engage students synchronically and asynchronously with  interactive content to enhance active learning.

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Lesson planning often involves a lot of time and effort, and may not achieve the needs of individual students or to the specific goals of the lesson.


Develop an user-friendly app for lesson planning that helps teachers create engaging and interactive lesson plans to work either synchronously and asynchronously taking into account their needs.

Value Proposition

EdsDoo provides easy-to-use tools that help teachers to create engaging and interactive lesson plans that encourage active learning among students. With collaborative and interactive features. The web based application also helps teachers to increase student engagement and motivation that enhance the teaching and learning process.

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Target User


EdsDoo is for teachers willing to fulfill their need to prepare an interactive lesson on a single source.  Teachers that feel a sense of community and collaborating with other educators to achieve a common goal: help students in their learning. EdsDoo is also for teachers that look for an experience that elicits a sense of achievement after completing a lesson, and for teachers that are looking for opportunities to explore and improve their teaching experience.


There is a great need for a tool for teachers to plan easily and store their lessons.

EdsDoo Education is here to keep transforming education and enhance collaboration and interactivity in the classrooms and while learning online.

Check the prototype in the link below:

Prototype_EdsDoo Education_Cardona

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